Caballo Stables   

         Traditional Type Fells


Riding Lessons (English or Western):
            Private w/ your partner (1hr) $55.00
            Group w/ your partner (max 4) (1-1 1/2hr) $45.00
            Private w/ one of our equine partners (1 hr) $65.00
One on One Learning Session (personal learning session - Ground/Riding or Driving)
         This is a a 3 - 4hr private session focusing on building the partnership between YOU and YOUR equine partner $175 - $200 / session

Saddle Fitting/Evaluation (Western or English) $35.00 (on site)
Harness Fitting/Evaluation (Collar and Hames or Breast Collar) $45.00 (on site)

Equine Evaluation and Massage (Tracey is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist)  $85 / hr (on site)